“We’re gonna reuse your old rain rail”

“We’re gonna reuse your old rain rail”.

Miata rear deck damage from a reused rain rail.

Well, that’s what this installer did and you can see the result. I have seen this  situation dozens of times. Nothing surprises me anymore.

Miata Rain Rail

The installers of Terry’s last convertible top may have realized too late that they would need a new rain rail and had no choice but to reuse the old rain rail , but the job should have been stopped  once the trouble was discovered. I always include a new rain rail in every installation to avoid this most common problem.

Robbins Black Sunfast canvas glass top with non-zippered heated glass and rain rail

Terry Marino shipped me his black and tan 1994 Mazda Miata from Sarasota Florida for a new Robbins convertible top and installation. Terry decided he wanted something a little bit different, so he selected a black Robbins sunfast canvas convertible top with the 1999-2005 non-zipperd glass  retro-fit to replace his tan vinyl top.

Separated rain rail and top. Bad news.

You can see from the photos, that Terry’s old top and rain rain are separated. This separation is an instant sign that the rain rail has been reused.A factory top or a new Robbins top with a rail rail are assembled togther and would not separate like the photos shown.

Gaping hole in Terry's rain rain.

You can also see the large gapping whole in the rain rail where the convertible top and rain rail attaches at the chassis studs? The photos look  like abuse during disassembly and the lack of commitment to correct an obvious problem.

Terry's rust damaged access panels.

I informed Terry of the rust problem on the back deck  and after after sleeping on it, Terry agreed  that the access panels should be replaced. I reminded him that these severely rusted panels with badly decaying metal are not a good idea to have around the fuel lines and electrical wiring. Just not sound motoring.

Mix of new and used fuel pump access panels.

I managed to get Terry’s old access panels off the car and replace them with a mixture of new and old panels.

It is a good feeling knowing that Terry’s installation was thorough and complete. The job turned out great.  Terry seemed happy with the work. We flat-bedded Terrry’s Miata up from Sarasota and back down. We actually have never talked face to face, but talked over the phone and by email and PayPal.

Terry's new Robbins top.

Just Miata is a specialty sports car service, repair, and convertible top replacement shop dedicated to the health and happiness of the Mazda Miata and their owners.

“You love your Miata, we love your Miata”

From oil changes to timing belt and water pump replacements, Just Miata can service and repair all aspects of the Mazda Miata. Just Miata started in Jacksonville FL in 1993. Just Miata perferred Robbins Miata Convertible Top Installer.

Just Miata is a Mazda Miata service, repair and convertible top replacement shop for the greater Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Orlando, Lakeland, Fort Meyers, Port Charlotte, Venice, and the surrounding counties of Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Sarasota, Lee, Charlotte, Orange, Lake and Polk.

The top you see here is a black Robbins Sunfast Canvas Convertible Top with heated glass, and new rain rail.

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