Miata Valve Cover Gasket Repair

Mazda Miata Cylinder Head

Leaking valve cover gaskets are a not uncommon to see on older Mazda Miatas. The rubber that a valve cover gasket is made of will turn hard and brittle if left unserviced for a long period of time. Leaking valve cover gaskets can cause problems.

Mazda Miata valve cover gasket now hard and brittle

The valve cover gasket on the NA and NB Miatas not only seals the outer edge of the valve cover, but also seals the spark plug galleys where the sparks plugs and ignition wires live.

Breaking surface tension on Miata cylinder head.

Motor oil and ignition wires don’t mix. The motor oil causes the ignition wire boots to swell and self destruct. This condition can ignition misfires and noticeable performance drops. When I see a leaking valve cover gasket I immediately inspect the spark plug galleys for any motor oil intrusion.

Miata valve cover, clean inside and out.

I have replaced many Mazda Miata valve cover gaskets and I have found that even with the upmost care that a new valve cover gaskets can leak soon after its installation. New valve cover gaskets don’t leak badly, but any leaking really drives me crazy. It must be some of my German heritage sneaking through.

Light coat of aircraft sealant.

When installing a new valve cover gasket, I like to get all parts and sufaces as clean as possible before reassembly. I also like to break the surface tension of the cylinder head by sanding the cylinder head surface with an abrasive emory cloth. I also use a light coat of air craft sealant on both mating surfaces.

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